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Aqua Finesse
The TRUE One-Step Solution for your Hot Tub Water Care.
Price: £87.00
3 way Test Strips
Blue Horizon 3 way Test Strips. Measuring for 3 of the most important pool & spa parameters, Blue Horizons 3 way test strips are ideally suited for the demanding pool & spa owner who is concerned with proper pool & spa maintenance. Measures Total Alkalinity, Chlorine level and pH.
Price: £8.00
Fast Gloss
A polish and cleaner made from reactive silicones, easy application and buffing without streaking or smearing.
Price: £13.50
303 Spa Cover Protectant
8oz Pump Spray
Price: £9.99
Total Alkalinity
Total Alkalinity Plus 1kg
Price: £8.00
pH Minus
pH Minus 1kg
Price: £5.00
pH Plus
pH Plus 1kg
Price: £7.00
Chlorine Granuals 1kg
Price: £10.00
Chlorine Mini Tablets
20 gram Chlorine Mini Tablets 1kg
Price: £15.00
Large Chlorine Tablets
200 gram Chlorine Tablets 5kg
Price: £37.50
Non Chlorine Shock
Non Chlorine Shock 1kg
Price: £15.00
Filter Cleaner
Filter Cartridge Cleaner 1 litre
Price: £14.00
Foam Away
Foam Away 1 litre
Price: £13.00
Spa Surface Cleaner
Spa Surface Cleaner 1 litre
Price: £11.50
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