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Please download the form below, complete and return it to us to place an order for your new replacement hot tub cover. It will take approximately 4 weeks from recieving payment for your cover to arrive. From £349(inc. VAT & UK mainland delivery)
rep cover order form.pdf (PDF — 234 KB)
American hot tub covers, delivered through a UK & European Network of Dealers in Four (4) weeks. Quality and service previously unseen in the UK hot tub cover industry.
Proline Covers are the only cover available in the UK designed and manufactured using CAD/CAM technology - where computer designed covers are manufactured using computer controlled machines - ensuring absolute accuracy.
Compare this to typical UK-made covers that are marked out by hand using steel rulers and marker pens from hand-made drawings, then cut by hand making an 'estimated' allowance for stitching - a bit 'hit-and-miss' by any standards!
Proline Covers are American hot tub covers made to our exacting standards using the very best materials that are only available in USA. No manufacturer in the UK has access to these extremely high quality materials that were originally developed for the marine and sail making industry in USA, and then evolved further for use in the American hot tub cover industry. Marine grade vinyl and marine grade thread from USA is a quantum leap beyond that currently available in the UK, where false claims that cheap furniture vinyl is 'marine grade' are not unknown
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